Dec 20


Ricky Powell x Akomplice  Lookbook shot by RP at Reed Space.  Check the collection here.

Assistant Photographer: Tono Obscura

2nd Assistant Photographer: Shawn McCarney

Models: Kim Sabian & Brent Benson

@akomplice @thelazyhustler

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Jan 07
Legendary New York artist RAMMELLZEE lived in a Tribeca loft known as the “Battle Station,” where he conceived of a new vision for the future – a self-made mythology known as Gothic Futurism, filled with characters of his creation: Recyclers, Trashers, Garbage Gods and Monster Models. This exhibit explores the world of RAMMELLZEE’s making.

As the largest exhibit of his work to date, GALAXSEUM is a visual encyclopedia of RAMMELLZEE’s multimedia artwork including his full-body life-sized costumes, masks, letter racers, character frescoes, figurines, large scale paintings, and video and audio recordings.

now – February 3, 2013
Children’s Museum of the Arts
103 Charlton Street, between Hudson & Greenwich Sts, NYC

thanks to Viviane Oh for the photos!
rammellzee_38 rammellzee_00 rammellzee_01 rammellzee_02 rammellzee_02a rammellzee_03 rammellzee_04-MC_DJ_Blackou rammellzee_05 rammellzee_06_Shun-U rammellzee_07-Barshaw_Gangs rammellzee_08 rammellzee_09_Rip-Cord_Rex rammellzee_10 rammellzee_11 rammellzee_12 rammellzee_13 rammellzee_14 rammellzee_15 rammellzee_16 rammellzee_18 rammellzee_19 rammellzee_20 rammellzee_21 rammellzee_22 rammellzee_23 rammellzee_24 rammellzee_25 rammellzee_26 rammellzee_27 rammellzee_28-V rammellzee_29-P rammellzee_30-O rammellzee_31-Z rammellzee_32-J rammellzee_33-S rammellzee_34-C rammellzee_35-G rammellzee_36-K rammellzee_37-comic_book

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