Jul 18

I need to spend more time hanging out with Andrew from REBEL8.  He filled me on the back story for Major Lazer’s  “Aerosol Can” feat Pharrell video.   Giant freaked all of the lyrics…check it out above.

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Jan 29


REBEL8 Sample Sale Feb 8th in L.A.!  I’m not going to lie, I wish we could go…


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Jun 14

Fish just added a few more animations from my upcoming “listen and learn” show. He says, “Today’s storytellers are: SNOOP, BRYAN COONS, MIKE GIANT, AND AESOP ROCK. big hugs and thanks to KAMP GRIZZLY for making these.”

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Dec 03
An extra generous dose of Mike Giant Artwork from REBEL8:
  • Poison Logo Poster
  • Satan’s Slave Poster
  • Art School Poster
  • Get Weird Poster
  • Sticker Sheet #1 (huge!)

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Sep 24

While fully realizing the advertising aspect of this, it is still a cool video and gives you a little insight into Mike Giant’s creative process. Medicine Agency facilitated the videos for Blue Angel with people like Werehaus, Brandon Biebel & Finktoons. You can see the others here.

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Aug 19

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Mar 30

The Tenderloin Project from The WereHaus on Vimeo.

Medicine Agency is proud to present the first official exhibition of photographs by San Francisco based photographer Sean Desmond.  The show will feature a collection of 35 photographs from Desmond’s ongoing Tenderloin Project, a portrait in film and photography of San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood.  To many, the Tenderloin is a poor and stigmatized area, to be avoided if possible, rushed through if necessary.  As a point of departure, Desmond and the Tenderloin Project withstand such stereotypes and enter the neighborhood with eyes open and active intent.

Opening Reception: April 9th 7pm

Medicine Agency, 1262 Mason St, San Francisco, CA  94108

with collaborative pieces by:

Mike Giant, Mark Bode, Apex, Oliver Black, Greg Mike & more

A portion of proceeds from the show will be donated to Hospitality House’s Community Art’s Program, the only free-of-charge fine arts studio for homeless and poor artists in San Francisco.  Promoting and giving access to art in the Tenderloin, Desmond feels, will allow his project to live on in the community for years and generations to come.

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Feb 12

Get there early, Giant will only be signing for about an hour and the decks/tees are extremely limited!

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May 11

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