Mar 06

Jane_Choe_FlyerIf you saw David Choe on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, you may remember that the most kick-ass portion of the show was when they visit Choe’s parents.   Now his mom, Jane Choe, is having a show alongside Critter at Fifty24SF (218 Fillmore, SF).  I think we may have to leave our hermit’s cave this Saturday, as this is one of those shows you just don’t want to miss…

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Nov 07


“CL!CKH3RE” is a giant, robotic, slop-chopped’n screwed collection of digital artworks. This body of work examines the story of the data revolution, hardware, and its subsequent connection to the internet. Eventually contemplating the obsession and addiction to being connected to the web. This is digital junk food for your eyes, CLICKHERE.
Franky Aguilar
November 8th, @ 7pm
FIFTY24SF Gallery
218 Fillmore St.
 @fifty24sfgallery @upperplayground @99centbrains

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May 03




If you’re in SF, check out Aryz working on a piece on at Eddy & Polk.  Also stop by his show, Style is the Limit at FIFTY24sSF Gallery (218 Fillmore) through the end of May.  Photos via UP/5024SF. Edit: project was made possible by @wallspacesf (sorry for the omission, we didn’t know!)

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Apr 16


Coming up this weekend: Aryz (who did the artwork for Aesop Rock’s Skelethon) has been creating new work for a show at FIFTY24SF Gallery.  The opening reception is this Friday and it runs through May 31st…can’t wait to check it out!

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Dec 12


Opens tonight!

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Jul 12

Where Hearts Get Left is Fish’s first gallery show with Upper Playground in 5 years, featuring 60 new works inspired by and created as a visual love letter to the city of San Francisco. The exhibition will open on July 14, 2012 with a special afterparty at Milk Bar in Haight Ashbury, featuring a set by hip-hop artist, Edison. The exhibition runs through September 14, 2012.

For Where Hearts Get Left, Fish has prepared six paintings, four statues, fifty drawings, six screen prints, and an installation specifically created for FIFTY24SF Gallery. As well as the original artwork presented in Where Hearts Get Left, Fish has created 6 screen prints for the show, each in edition of 100 only available through FIFTY24SF Gallery. There will also be a limited edition, hand bound book featuring 50 black and white drawings, printed in an edition of 100 in a wood and leather cover, printed by Edition One Books in Berkeley, California. (UP press release)

sorry the flyer is showing up twice.  wp wants me to add a bunch of php code to make it not do that, and i’m just too tired to figure it out now…


Jeremy Fish’s San Francisco Mix by Edison

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Jan 13

FIFTY24SF Gallery, in association with Upper Playground and American Zoetrope, presents TWIXT sc. 83, an exhibition and installation coinciding with legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola’s newest feature film, Twixt. The exhibition opens January 13, 2012 with a public reception at 7PM. More information here.

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Mar 11

‘One Man’ by August Thompson will hold it’s opening exhibition tonight from 7pm – 10pm at FIFTY24SF Gallery.. The artist’s first solo show, “One Man,” includes portraits from his on-going series, as well as new larger-scaled interior landscapes. More information here.

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Feb 01

FIFTY24SF Gallery in Association with Upper Playground presents: “MORE” – A collection of new work by INSA

Upper Playground and FIFTY24SF Gallery are pleased to announce London-based graffiti, conceptual, and fine artist INSA’s first solo exhibition in San Francisco opening on February 3rd, 2011. The exhibition is appropriately titled, MORE.

Within the new body of work in MORE, INSA explores themes of aspiration and expectation, wants versus needs, and happiness versus success in his most comprehensive study to date. Using exaggerated symbols of sexuality representing the commodification of both everyday life and underground subcultures, INSA examines the illusions of seduction while employing his own iconic brand of aesthetic allure to draw the audience in. INSA’s new work revels in lurid excess, embracing the insatiability of consumerism and highlighting the duplicity of morality and enjoyment.

Followers of the artist will be familiar with some of the themes displayed in MORE. INSA, constantly involved in interesting new projects, recently gained worldwide attention for his piece “Anything Goes When It Comes To (S)hoes,” (more commonly referred to as his “Elephant Dung Heels”) which were exhibited at Tate Britain in London. He has also been a pioneer in the world of graffiti on the Internet with his visually stunning, labor intensive “Gifitti.” This is all in addition to INSA”s continuing insatiable need to cover any surface with his signature “Graffiti Fetish” pattern.

MORE will feature 9 new provocative works, with INSA utilizing media such as sculpture and lights adding to the “glamour” of his work. The exhibition will also feature an exclusive SF edition of INSA’s classic “Heel” print and a selection of photographic prints.

MORE will run at FIFTY24SF Gallery from February 3rd, 2011 – February 28th, 2011

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Apr 01

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