Dec 06

It was recently the 25th anniversary of Del’s No Need for Alarm, and he chopped it up with David Ma and Nate LeBlanc for Wax Poetics’ inaugural podcast to recall the recording of the album.

Ambrosia For Heads also sat down with Del, Domino & Dante Ross for an interview about the making of the record and the formation of the Hieroglyphics sound.

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Aug 29

Hiero Day is this Monday.  Tickets are $19.93 now (but go up on Monday).  The festival returns to its 3rd Street location (entrance on 3rd & MLK) in Oakland near Jack London Square.  In addition to music, there will also be a variety of food, vendors and a Kids’ Zone with reading every hour presented by Akira’s Book Club.

And it don’t stop…RSVP now for a free ticket to the after party presented by Wax Poetic x Beat Culture and hosted by Pep Love.

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Mar 19

In depth interview with Domino talking about some of his favorite records, rare instrumentals, ’93 til and how he met Dante Ross & the rest of Hieroglyphics.

via @fusetv

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Oct 20

Stinke’s been going through his MiniDv collection.  This one features Hiero & Dilated Peoples recording “Center of Attention” at Evidence’s house in LA, 2001.  Peep Tajai, Domino, Opio, Pep and Rakaa + Evidence in the lab.

(tonight Hiero are actually at the Hiero compound with E-40…per Domino’s tumblr)

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Sep 05

Domino just posted a photo of Del + Automator working on the new Deltron album!

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Jun 21

He says, “I had to put my favorite song from my Favorite Hip-Hop album of all time, Public Enemy’s, It takes a Nation of Millions to hold us Back. I miss the days when songs of substance were the norm in Hip-Hop. Public Enemy single handedly educated an entire Hip-Hop generation. Public Enemy was perfect, Chuck D’s militant lyrics and powerful preacher like voice, Flavor Flav’s hype and comic relief and the Bomb Squad’s manic soundscape of drums and samples. In this song Chuck defiantly states, “to understand my demands, I gave a warning…I wanted the governor ya’ll plus the Warden to know, that I am innocent because I’m militant. Posing a threat, you bet its fucking up the government.”

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Apr 25

He says, “Just made a playlist titled “white soul” (a sequel to black headlined by this track. Joe Cocker sure has that soul…”

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Apr 22

Tonight! Del Funk For Free (with live band). First come, first served for the remaining tickets!!! Get there early!!! Doors at 9pm. Domino spinning classic Hiero tunes dj set.

Friday, April 22, 2011 at 9:00 PM (PT)

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Apr 08

He says, “Whewwww,…..this is the Jam! G’lord…my new ipod loading slows to listen to this in full!”

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Mar 23

He says, “I woke up with it on my mind for some reason. The great thing about music and melody is understanding the lyrics doesn’t always matter. Reminds me of Portishead, especially when the drum drop.”

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