Dec 21

This year’s winners for the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway:

Day 1 Brixton – Zach R., Portland, OR

Day 2 Public Zoo (gift with purchase)

Day 3 REBEL8 – Patrick W., San Jose, CA

Day 4 Prefresh – Juan Carlos M., Spain

Day 5 – Upper Playground – Jenn P., Philadelphia, PA

Day 6 Angry Little Girls – Mary B., Norfolk, VA

Day 7 Obey – Jimmy G., Las Vegas, NV

Day 8 Destructo – John S., Reno, NV

Day 9 Kangol – Max C., Daly City, CA

Day 10 O’Clock Watches – Matthew M.,Chapel Hill, NC

Day 11 Urban Ears – Vilma G., Puerto Rico

Day 12 Music Package – Josh O., Fresno, CA

Thanks to everyone who shopped & entered and to all of the companies who donated prizes!

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