Jul 02

mearIf you’re in SF, you won’t want to miss MEAR ONE’s largest show to date.  Opening Saturday, July 11th at White Walls Gallery 886 Geary St in SF from 7pm-11pm.

“Suppression and Oppression have left us disconnected from each other, ourselves, and the universe, from ancient wisdom, knowledge and understanding of all that was, is and could be. Yet despite what lies secret behind our vaults, I can’t escape the fact that we are all these subjects, they belong to all of us. For what has endured the whole of history is the idea of spirit linking us to a universal connection of a higher dimension, and our liberation exists somewhere within this context; the conscious solid world is but temporal in our eyes, castles made of sand await the hands of consciousness to reinterpret its matter.” – MEAR ONE

, 2/13/15, 3:13 PM, 16C, 9000x11016 (0+983), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/12 s, R78.8, G52.3, B68.8

, 2/13/15, 3:13 PM, 16C, 9000×11016 (0+983), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/12 s, R78.8, G52.3, B68.8

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Jul 01

The new video from Kendrick Lamar for “Alright” was filmed in the Bay with lots of local details.  The perfect narrative for this song.

“I remember you was conflicted, misusing your influence. Sometimes I did the same. Abusing my power–full of resentment, resentment that turned into a deep depression…”

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Jun 24


Phesto from Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief will be showing solo phestography this weekend at Fort Gallery, 3906 24th St (at Sanchez) in SF from 12-6pm.

To see more of this work, follow him on instagram @phestohierosoul




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Jun 19


Capping off a perfect day in Oakland, join Hieroglyphics tonight at The Legionnaire Saloon, 2272 Telegraph Ave beginning at 9pm.  New non commercial hip hop sprinkled with some Afro Beat and Funk Breaks.   Hieroglyphics vinyl & tee sale during the first part of the evening.  21+  $5 cover.

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Jun 17

Lots of great musicians trying to get their next projects off the ground:

Rob Swift:

and Blackalicious (3 days left!):


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Jun 09


Peanut Butter Wolf, Egyptian Lover & Jimi Hey (Dublab) will be spinning at The Music Center, 135 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA from 7pm-11pm.  Come dancing…All ages!

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May 28


DJ Neil Armstrong found out his dog, Poh,  was terminally ill.  When he embarked on his #dinnerandamixtape road trip, Poh was in tow.  They visited 35 cities stretching across the US (they had to return home when Poh started not to feel so well)

You can find Poh on Instagram @pohthedogsbigadventure

Wishing him many more good days…

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May 15


Take a peek at The Quiet Life’s Summer Lookbook shot by Katrina Dickson and check out our new arrivals here.



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May 05


New Summer arrivals from Brixton!

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Apr 29

thetalkThe Talk by Michael D’Antuono, Beacon, NY

The artistic community has banded together to participate in Manifest: Justice.  They are gearing up for several days of events in Los Angeles.   Their mission is to illuminate our resilience and to take back our streets, our schools, our communities and our hope.   This is so timely in light of everything that is currently happening in Baltimore (and beyond).

The space will be open May 2-10, 2015 M-F 6-10 at 3741 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles CA  90016.

They have just chosen the winners of their online art contest which are pictured here.

revolutionWe Need A Revolution, Dan Tague, New Orleans, LA

lastdiscoveryThe Last Discovery of America, Mata Ruda, Newark, NJ

protectserveProtect & Serve, Ti-rock Moore, New Orleans, LA

handsupDay 323: Hands Up, Ferguson, Sanae Robinson Guerin, Los Angeles, CA

thanks to @Artdontsleep for reminding us about this!

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