Dec 31

photo by Kevin Moore

2016 has been a decidedly difficult year for most people…we would be remiss if we let the year pass without acknowledging the death of someone close to TGP.

We met Mike Pinkney aka Mike the Mover around 2002 when we were located in Berkeley.  At the time, he was doing jobs for VC groups and a number of notable Bay Area families.  He started out giving us extra furniture, and then he helped us move our warehouse to Oakland (and later Alameda).   He had an extensive knowledge of wiring and completely rewired two separate offices for us.

Mike would always tell us stories about his life…growing up in New York with neighbors like Lena Horne, moving out west, working for much of his life at Pac Bell, and losing one of his children in a terrible accident.  He was a biker who enjoyed having an Irish Coffee at Brennans. He survived cancer and rehabbed himself after a stroke.

We will miss his kindness and wit, rest easy Mike.

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