Feb 09

“This particular song is about elevating your art form past the norms and standards of an industry with an ever narrowing emotional range.” – Opio

The Video:

West Coast/Midwest trio Chosen Few (comprised of MC’s Cold Showda, Charles “Chop” Cooper, and producer Unjust) are preparing to drop their highly anticipated Hiero Imperium Records debut, New World Symphony, on April 6th. The first official single, “Elevation,” hits the streets  today, and the crew have been hard at work finishing their chilled-out, yet heavy-hitting new video to go along with it. Shot up close and personal with the emcees spitting to the camera, the video takes place in a small and shadowy room – representing feelings of isolation, confusion, and loneliness that so many can relate to feeling at some point or another. But on the flipside, despite the track’s dark and almost bleak feel, listen closely, because the message is one of motivation rather than misery.

“Elevation” features a guest appearance from lyrical maestro Opio of the Bay Area’s Souls Of Mischief, who true to form, delivers a tight package of carefully crafted lyrics that get straight into your head. “The idea of always elevating, getting better, wiser and stronger is something I always try to do in all aspects of life, music, art, business, spirituality” says Opio. The song is about taking a stance, being aware of your surroundings, and elevating past limitations.

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