Mar 06

Jane_Choe_FlyerIf you saw David Choe on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, you may remember that the most kick-ass portion of the show was when they visit Choe’s parents.   Now his mom, Jane Choe, is having a show alongside Critter at Fifty24SF (218 Fillmore, SF).  I think we may have to leave our hermit’s cave this Saturday, as this is one of those shows you just don’t want to miss…

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Feb 07

David Choe in NY tagging with Barbara Walters (interview airs on Nightline on Feb 9th). More images on UP’s blog.

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Jul 13

For the first time ever, the documentary Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe, is available on DVD, exclusively at Upper Playground. The 2-disc set features over 3 hours of bonus footage and 20-page booklet designed and written by David Choe. The DVD is currently for pre-sale, and Upper Playground will be throwing 120 of Dave’s Munko vinyl figures randomly into orders placed during the pre-sale: so get in on it here.

The documentary movie is also streaming online for free, in it’s entirety, for you fine folks. Check it out here.

And check it: This Sunday, July 17th, from 2PM on, David Choe and Harry Kim will be signing copies of the DVD at FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco (copies of the DVD will be for sale).

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Dec 05

Upper Playground always comes with an excellent prize package, this year is no different. All Choe all day! The Upper Playground David Choe prize contains:
A Set of all 12 Munkos, Dry Hump Pillow, Hairdo Tee (L), Chinese Tee (L), & Hell Houndz Tee (L)

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Sep 17

If you are not yet familiar and artist, inveterate gambler, and lifelong “rider of the rails” David Choe hooked up to document as he hitchhikes his way across these United States by (other people’s) trains, cars, and boats. As some of you may have noticed, Season 3 of the “Thumbs Up” series premiered just the other week over at! A new episode is posted up every week. Go check it out!

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Feb 11

Pics from the opening are all over the web, but Viviane took some nice close ups showing the detail…

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Jan 21

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Jun 24

The art world’s favorite badass, David Choe (Juxtapoz cover #72), just hipped us to a new super limited print release he has plans to drop this week. The print, as you can see, features rock legend Jimi Hendrix. Stay tuned for details.Technorati

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