Jan 10

Dr. Goldstein from Free Gold Watch’s new mix with Dr. Klaw.  He says, “It picks up where Hard Crack Candy left off years ago (if you can remember) and zaps you into the futuristic era of the 80’s. I’m talking electro, boogie, rap, new wave, light speed, robots, aliens, androids, ET, Jeff Goldblum, Tron, R2D2, all that, and then some. It’s pretty much a game changer.”

You can download the first 10 min + some special edits at

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Feb 21

Another whirlwind week in Vegas. Some previews…

Dante Ross en ProKeds

Peter from the Foundation modeling an upcoming release from Native

a smorgasbord of new tokidoki items

The Brothers McCarney from Akomplice…

Brigitte from HL rockin’ the new boyfriend jeans.

Zach, an artist for Heavy Rotation was doing some live painting.

Matt & Jay from FGW showing their new pieces Image Unavailable to Allyson from WGSN.

Janessa from Han Cholo models the multi Lovemade collabo.

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