Jun 10

I remember having a very long conversation about Malcolm Gladwell with him, and he was one of the first people to tell me I had to hear Santigold.  Anyway,  I just talked to him this morning, and he said he’s been working on various Quannum songs and doing a bit of work with Emily Wells & Automator.   I asked if there would be a new Latyrx record…perhaps when Lyrics Born is done promoting As U Were

Here’s vid of Lateef with Automator at Yoshi’s:

And speaking of LB, he’ll be at the Harmony Festival this weekend:

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Mar 25

You didn’t even know D-Sharp could rhyme…what! you’ll also see quite a few cameos from the Quannum crew…directed by Justin Berger

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Oct 29
To open for Ozomatli!Click for show info!

Click for show info!

Get your own,  Ozomatli Lateef, E da Boss or low budget gear…

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Nov 27

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