Aug 16

The Coup announce their new album, Sorry to Bother You, out Oct 30th.   Here’s a sneak peek at the cover and a message from Boots:

The album cover  was done by Imps Of Marge And Fletch. No Photoshop used.

You can check out the first song, “The Magic Clap”, here:

Also, we launched a kickstarter campaign to buy a tourbus to get this music out there and to combine our music with radical organizers in different cities.
You can pre-order the album through our kickstarter campaign as well.


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Jul 10

Kitties love Aesop Rock.  New album, tees, & hoodies available here.

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Apr 10

Here’s the link to pre-order the new El-P release, Cancer 4 Cure out May 22nd. (and Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music Packages out May 15th)   Guests: Paul Banks (Interpol), Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Danny Brown, Killer Mike, Despot, and Nick Diamonds of Islands.

First single, “The Full Retard“.

01 Request Denied
02 The Full Retard
03 Works Every Time
04 Drones Over BKLYN
05 Oh Hail No [ft. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire and Danny Brown]
06 Tougher Colder Killer [ft. Killer Mike and Despot]
07 True Story
08 The Jig Is Up
09 Sign Here
10 For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums the Word)
11 Stay Down [ft. Nick Diamonds]
12 $4 Vic/FTL (Me and You)

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Sep 14

You can preview the new Shadow album, The Less You Know, The Better, on itunes and download a free track, “Warning Call” featuring Tom Vek when you like him on Facebook.  He’s also embarked on a bunch of international tour dates which you can find here.

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Jan 14

Little preview of the the new Kweli record (we’ll be getting in a couple of weeks).  They’ve also put up some previews on iTunes.

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Jul 20

Coming out on October 26, 2010…

Cover art from The Brent Rollins Experience.  LB is offering up another sneak preview, “Lies x 3“.  More info on his site.

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Jun 23

(click image for more info)

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