Feb 21

Brandon says, “This is good!”  Done by @northboundfilms

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Jun 05

A Hierophant is a person who deciphers arcane knowledge. On this album Casual’s wordplay demands your attention while his vocabulary inspires thought.

Features from Pep Love and Tajai of the Hieroglyphics, Thomas Pridgen on Drums, Mike D and more!

“I’m releasing this album to help fund my movie “He Still think He Raw”. Please support. With this as well as my other albums, I attempt to make classics.” -Casual”

All Tracks Produced by Toure except Shrimp Fried Rice, Produced by The Elect.

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Jan 10

Footage from Hiero Show in Oakland!

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Jul 20

Tickets here.  We recently got some represses of Casual’s Fear Itself on vinyl.  Scoop here.

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