Apr 11

Sorry, we got this message too late for the opening, but it’s still important work…

N*ggaSh*t , the show, is a commentary on the current state of where we are as a people within, and built out of the age old traditions of slavery, genocide, illiteracy, and the evolution of our resiliency to survive. The works seek to investigate some of the icons that have played a role in the “dumbing down” of our American culture and stomp out their historic relevancy with a modern day twist.

Bicasso (Josh Whitaker) and Z-man (Zamon ) have come together to diagnose these sicknesses, habits and distractions that all fall under N*iggaShi*t, as they see them thru their creative eye, and hold a mirror up to up and say “Wake up! We ARE the future.

Show is up now at  the Lower Haters Gallery at 597 Haight St, SF CA  94117

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Jan 21

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Jul 28


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Jul 01

Don’t forget to check out the Word to Mother show this Thursday at FIFTY24SF Gallery. “Young Mind, Old Soul” features new paintings on display at from July 2 – 28, 2009. The opening reception is on Thursday from 7 to 9:30 PM

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