May 17

Lee Fields + Cody ChessnuTT + Naytronix in L.A.

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The DJs alone would be worth the price of admission, but you’re getting 3 great live acts on one bill:

Plug Research & ArtDontSleep present:

Saturday May 19th, 2012

Live Performances by:

Lee Fields & The Expressions
Cody ChessnuTT (Live Band)

Kenny Dope and Kon & Amir

Hosted By:
Scarub (Living Legends)

Echoplex :: 1154 Glendale Blvd :: Los Angeles, CA. 90026
21 + Wiser

click flyer for tickets

Free Download:

Dru says they have been trying to book each of these artists individually for 8 years…so to have them all together on one bill is crazy!

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Oct 11

MURS out today too.

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damn, today is on fire with new music.  MURS’ “Love & Rockets Vol 1” out now.  You can download the track at the Hip Hop & Love tour site. “that one person…if you could just forget them, you would have a happier life?”

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Oct 07

Eligh x Amp Live Therapy at Three – Free Download

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Eligh & AmpLive – Tattoo Song by eligh

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Sep 13

Luckyiam “For You” feat Acey & Slug

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First video from Luckyiam’s album, I Love Haters, out digitally today. Beat produced by Kruse.

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Sep 07

Amp Live Update + free download

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Update from Amplive: On tour with Bassnectar in September and October.  New Zion I project being worked on, an album with Eligh from Living Legends (Therapy at 3) coming out in November, and also a free instrumental jazz EP (You Are Not Human) available for download now. Follow to stay in tune daily with what’s happening. You can also check to hear new music.

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Oct 21

How The Grouch Stole Christmas Tour & More

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Grouch & his lovely wife Larissa checked in yesterday and reminded me about the upcoming tour (click the flyer for more detailed info).  Grouch also decided to put the LRG sweater he’s wearing in the “Breath” video on Ebay, which can find here.

In other Legends news, Eligh has a new record coming out, here’s the vid for the first single, “Miss Busdriver (Rachel)”

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Jun 23

Isn’t he lovely…

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Vote for Scarub’s baby to appear on the cover of Parents Magazine here.

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Apr 11

Bicasso x Zman

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Sorry, we got this message too late for the opening, but it’s still important work…

N*ggaSh*t , the show, is a commentary on the current state of where we are as a people within, and built out of the age old traditions of slavery, genocide, illiteracy, and the evolution of our resiliency to survive. The works seek to investigate some of the icons that have played a role in the “dumbing down” of our American culture and stomp out their historic relevancy with a modern day twist.

Bicasso (Josh Whitaker) and Z-man (Zamon ) have come together to diagnose these sicknesses, habits and distractions that all fall under N*iggaShi*t, as they see them thru their creative eye, and hold a mirror up to up and say “Wake up! We ARE the future.

Show is up now at  the Lower Haters Gallery at 597 Haight St, SF CA  94117

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