Feb 25

RasCue is a man who has given so much to the Hip Hop Community, both locally and internationally as an Emcee, DJ, Producer, Host, as well as a member of Various Blends, Urban Umpires, and Cali Agents.   Well what most people don’t know is that he recently fell victim to a kidney disorder called Renal Chronic Kidney Disease. So RaCue has to go for long Dialysis treatments 3 times a week and is on 7 different medications to stay alive until they figure out a better way to treat him. But due to these sky rocketing hospital bills, he has been struggling to support himself and his young daughter through these rough times. 12 DJ’S Coming together to Support one of our own. Please join us for this celebration of life and witness the impact of a small act of kindness and love.. feb 26th at Paradise Lounge, 1501 Folsom,  SF. $10 Donation.

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