Apr 13

We’re going to be celebrating Record Store Day, this Sat, April 16th, with some of our oldest friends.    We thought it might be more fun to interact with us in physical form,  so we will be having a Giant Peach + Obey sample sale all day at:

1335 S. Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94956

Music giveaways with purchase all day sponsored by Def Jux.   We were planning for a long time to have a few of our rapping friends stop by to sign autographs, but we’re not 100% that they’re going to make it out here (we’ll post again if we get absolute confirmation).

Online we will be offering additional giveways from the Def Jux catalog (if you buy clothing, most likely you will get a CD, if you buy vinyl, we’ll try to hook you up with vinyl).  We are also scheduled to receive some of the very limited Flying Lotus Cosmogramma Alt Takes LPs  as well as restocks from his catalog (this shipment may be delayed…not sure that we’re going to receive it by Sat).

So come on out or join us online…keep vinyl alive!

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Dec 07

Obey worked hard to come up with a prize that could be enjoyed by all:

  • Standard Pack in Army
  • Service Pack Gift Set featuring a hat, wallet & belt
  • Urban Renewal Sticker Pack
  • Icon Face Sticker Pack

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Jun 03

The Berkeley Humane Society recently suffered a devastating fire in their facilities.  We have donated/will be donating our proceeds from the Obey Awareness Adopt items to them.  Please consider purchasing one of the items so they can get back on their feet and start adopting out animals again!

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May 28

We will be hanging out in the Obey booth tomorrow for the Aqua Surf Swap. Back parking lot at 2830 Sloat Blvd, SF 94116 415.242.9283
We’re mainly bringing tees. A bunch of our vendors are also vending!

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Apr 29

Big sale in the Heritage parking lot.  Obey will mainly have tees, plus they’re doing a clothing swap as well.

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Mar 16

We just did a fairly large restock of Obey items…we scooped a lot of the last remaining stock for some things, so now’s the time if you were waiting for some Kill Time shorts a or Wolf Head ring.  Also check the new Haiti benefit shirts…we’ve already raised several hundreds of dollars for Artists for Peace and Justice and  Doctors without Borders!

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Feb 01

Stevie from Obey runs you through the highlights of the Spring line.   The first delivery (as well as a restock of the Rapture Jacket) is available now.  We can’t always order every item/colorway  that Obey designs, but if you are looking for something we didn’t order, you can always contact us, and we will try to special order it for you.

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Jun 17

Following up on the release of Issue. 0051, The Arkitip Chronicles present a short video with a behind the scenes look into the creation of a Shepard Fairey piece. The acclaimed artist is in his most natural form, creating one of his stencil masterpieces in a Los Angeles studio.

Shepard Fairey from Arkitip on Vimeo.

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