Sep 27

Obey Awareness – Honor The Treaties

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Obey’s fall awareness campaign shines a spotlight on the continuing fight of Native Americans to reclaim land and water that is rightfully theirs.

Article VI, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, also known as the Supremacy Clause, declares the treaties made with Native Americans as the “supreme law of the land”—but for over 200 years, the US government has consistently broken them. These legally binding contracts contained promises for recognizing tribes’ rights to live self-governed and undisturbed on their own land, with religious freedom; to hunt, fish, and gather natural resources; and to have such benefits as health care, education, and, in some cases, financial payments for lands previously sold to the government. We have a responsibility to honor the promises that have been made.

Indigenous communities are fighting their most important battles in recent history—battles to protect the integrity of their land and water and traditions. In 1980, after the longest running court case in U.S. history, the Supreme Court ruled that the Black Hills (in what is now South Dakota) were illegally taken from the Sioux Nation. The court awarded only 106 million dollars as payment. The Sioux refused the money with the rallying cry, “The Black Hills are Not for Sale!” All across Indian country, this story repeats itself: battles over land, water, hunting and fishing rights, health care, education, and religious freedoms continue TODAY. From Idle No More’s growing movement in Canada to the road blockades attempting to stop the KXL pipeline from crossing tribal lands, the treaty struggles are very much alive.

Honor the Treaties is an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of indigenous communities through art and advocacy. We do that by funding collaborations between Native artists and Native advocacy groups so that their messages can reach a wider audience. Every shirt sold through this campaign helps support a Native artist and their work with a partner organization. All funding is channeled through The Lakota People’s Law Project (501c3).

When National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey started this campaign with artists Shepard Fairey and Ernesto Yerena, it was not for the purpose of giving collectors something to put in a frame—it was to spread the message that the treaties have yet to be honored.

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Jul 30

COPE2 is Obey’s Guest Artist for Fall

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OBEY x COPE2 Collaboration from OBEY CLOTHING on Vimeo.

Shepard & COPE2 detail what lead to their collaboration.  Pieces from the collection available here.

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Apr 20

Noteworthy Project Auction

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Samsung is auctioning off the original artwork that was created for their Noteworthy Project during a very special event at Martha Otero Gallery on Friday, April 27th.  RSVP information is on the invite. The auction will benefit Peace First.  Videos of each project are viewable here.

We especially liked Tim Biskup (& Tigerlily!)’s video:

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Dec 09

Gift Ideas

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Here are some other gift suggestions from another staff member of ours. There are a handful of great gifts sure to cover everyone on your list!
Obey: Supply & Demand The Art of Shepard Fairey 1989–2009 (20th Anniversary Edition), Hardcover

Absolute must-have for the art lover/collector in your life.  Beautiful collection of Shepard Fairey’s vast body of work.

tokidoki – Donutella Plush Toy

Possibly the cutest plush toy on the site.  The perfect gift for the little ones.  You can also pick from a Kaiju Dragon and Stellina Unicorno.  Buy one or all three!

Yummy You! – Choco-Chip Cookie Fingerless Mitts

For the DIYer who’s short on time!

Gentle Fawn – Frame Hooded Cape Women’s Top, Heather Charcoal

A warm and stylish jacket alternative for the fashion forward ladies.

Melody Ehsani – Armor Dillo With Crystals Ring, Silver

The perfect amount of bling for any holiday party.   Set yourself apart and shine in silver, gold or gunmetal.

Incase – Andy Warhol iPhone 4 Camo Snap Case

Accessorize your new iphone with this Warhol classic.

OBEY – Ornament iPad Case, Natural White

Keep your new ipad safe while looking stylish with this Obey padded case.

Imaginary Foundation – Infinite Pullover Men’s Hoodie, Black

The power of the imagination makes us infinite.  I imagine this will be his favorite Xmas gift.

Aesop Rock – Appleseed CD

From the secret Aesop Rock vaults!  Snag one of these previously out of print cd’s as a stocking stuffer.

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Mar 16

Obey Restocks

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We just did a fairly large restock of Obey items…we scooped a lot of the last remaining stock for some things, so now’s the time if you were waiting for some Kill Time shorts a or Wolf Head ring.  Also check the new Haiti benefit shirts…we’ve already raised several hundreds of dollars for Artists for Peace and Justice and  Doctors without Borders!

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Feb 01

Obey Spring 2010 Clothing Preview

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Stevie from Obey runs you through the highlights of the Spring line.   The first delivery (as well as a restock of the Rapture Jacket) is available now.  We can’t always order every item/colorway  that Obey designs, but if you are looking for something we didn’t order, you can always contact us, and we will try to special order it for you.

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Jun 24

Start Mobile: Artwork For Your iPhone

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Now serving up artwork for your new, or old iPhone device. Featured artwork below from Shepard Fairey & Ricky Powell.

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Jun 17

Behind The Scenes with Shepard Fairey

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Following up on the release of Issue. 0051, The Arkitip Chronicles present a short video with a behind the scenes look into the creation of a Shepard Fairey piece. The acclaimed artist is in his most natural form, creating one of his stencil masterpieces in a Los Angeles studio.

Shepard Fairey from Arkitip on Vimeo.

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