Nov 24

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Oct 21

Grouch & his lovely wife Larissa checked in yesterday and reminded me about the upcoming tour (click the flyer for more detailed info).  Grouch also decided to put the LRG sweater he’s wearing in the “Breath” video on Ebay, which can find here.

In other Legends news, Eligh has a new record coming out, here’s the vid for the first single, “Miss Busdriver (Rachel)”

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Jan 27

Grouch finally stopped by to bring us his latest release, Three Eyes Off The Time (we held out so he could autograph them), and restock his character tees & hoodies.  Miss Rio also made an appearance…she shows off her new tokidoki tee and the pic she took of her dad (while he was signing the cds):

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Sep 23

Zion I & The Grouch and Om Records have teamed up to release the exclusive track “Soul Searchin’ (Lost B Side)” available only through Upper Playground. The Grouch, from the original do-it-yourself crew Living Legends and longtime Bay Area favorite Zion I have been at it for over ten years releasing music that brings together socially conscious lyrics and hyphy beats. “Soul Searchin’ (Lost B Side)” offers fans the signature sound that has gained the duo critical acclaim and street respect over the years.

“Soul Searchin (Lost B Side)” is available for your listening pleasure exclusively on the Upper Playground website. You can purchase Zion I and the Grouch’s album “Heroes In The City Of Dope” on iTunes.

Listen to it now:

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Jul 16

Do we feel a Heroes in the City of Dope Part II coming on?

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