Oct 15

We interrupt our normal programming to bring you this epic message from Alex Pardee…

HI (zero)Friends! Alex Pardee here.
In 5 more days I will be opening my most prolific, ambitious, affordable, silly and IMMATURE solo art gallery show that I have attempted in my life.
This Saturday, October 19th, at 7PM, my “BUNNYWITH” show will open up at Gallery 1988:East in Los Angeles, where, in short, alongside some new paintings, toys and masks, I will be simultaneously releasing over 100 brand new “Bunnywith” prints (produced by ZEROFRIENDS), most of which will be only $10 EACH. And that’s not even including a ton of free things that I’ll be giving away for no other reason than because I appreciate you coming out to an art gallery on a Saturday night when you can CLEARLY instead go to the Disco or to the Drive-In to make out with people or girls.
Well, if you’re a fan of short stories with more mystery and little details, then look no further and I hope to see you there! Here’s a link to my Facebook Event Info for it to remind yourself to come hang out:
However, if you want a more in-depth explanation of the silliness that will be taking place, including the COSTUME CONTEST and the print releases, then please continue to read on, reader, to decide if standing mere feet away from Pink’s Hot Dogs and Golden Apple Comics on a Saturday night will be worth it for you and ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS that you will be bringing. (Spoiler alert: It’s TOTALLY going to be worth it!)
I jumped in my friend Marty’s delorian and went a week into the future, after the Bunnywith show opened, and collected the most frequently asked questions from everyone who showed up, and I’m glad I did because it turns out there was a lot of information about the show that I almost wasn’t going to mention. So here is my future-derived FAQ’s for the “BUNNWITH” Art Show this Saturday, Oct 19th, at Gallery 1988: East:
Q: What “Bunnywith” all about? 
A: Bunnywith is about 3 feet tall.
Q: No, I mean what is the CONCEPT of “Bunnywith” about. Like, what IS it?
A: “Bunnywith” is simple. It’s a Bunny…WITH something else. Like Bunnywith Hat. Or Bunnywith Herpes. Or Bunnywith A Fanny Pack made out of human skin. Each painting and print is a different “Bunnywith”.
Q: Is his name actually Bunnywith? Or just Bunny?
A: Bunnywith
Q: He has no arms!? WTF?
A: Well, you have no dick, but I don’t find it necessary to point that out in every photo of yourself that you put up on Instagram because I’m nice.
Q: Bunnywith sounds sensitive.
A: …
Q: Where/when will the show be?
A: The opening reception is OCTOBER 19th (Saturday) at 7PM.
At GALLERY 1988 (East)
7021 Melrose Ave (corner of Melrose and La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA
The show will be on view at the gallery until mid November.
Q: What is the cost of admission?
Q: Will there be art for sale?
A: YES! There will only be a few larger new original acrylic paintings, but there will be OVER 100 new Bunnywith prints to choose from, in addition to some limited Bunnywith toys from RETROBAND, and even new high-end Halloween masks from Atomic Vomit.
Q: Are the prints limited?
A: No and Yes. ALL but ONE of the prints are non-limited prints, however, I can only bring so many to the opening. So there will be a limited amount of each print available for purchase at the opening. There will be ONE signed limited print being released too.
Q: If you sell out of a print at the opening, can I still get one?
A: Yes, Gallery 1988 will be re-stocking most of the prints throughout the duration of the show, and they will be selling the prints online during the show as well.
Q: Can you show me some examples of the prints because I hate surprises?
A: Sure…here you go, party pooper.
Q: Don’t you mean, “Pardee Pooper”?
A: No, that would be my butt, and you’re a dummy. Meanwhile…


Q: Will the Bunnywith prints be available anywhere else aside from Gallery 1988?
A: At this point, NO. Perhaps far down the road, but until further notice, NO. The ONLY way to get these prints at this time will be either in person at the gallery or online at from Oct 21-November 15th.
Q: How much are you selling the prints?
A: Most of the prints will be priced at $10 each, unframed and unsigned. Some larger ones will be a bit more, but the idea is to make the prints affordable enough so that everyone can go home with one!
There will be ONE framed, matted and signed version of each print that will cost a little more too.
Q: Will you be there to sign the prints if we buy them, since they are unsigned?
A: Yes, I will be there the entire night, so please don’t hesitate to ask me to sign anything or just say hi.
Q: How do I know what you look like?
A: I will be wearing giant bunny ears and most likely a non-matching beard. Like a lazy version of a Furrie.
Q: Speaking of, can I dress up? You mentioned a “Bunny Costume Contest”?
A: YES!!! Please, I encourage dressing up. It’s so close to Halloween! Why not?! Though you don’t HAVE to dress up like a bunny, the contest will be a “Bunny Costume Contest” so I will be awarding my favorite Bunny costume with a prize. And there will be runner-up prizes as well that I will announce throughout the week.
Q: Does it have to be a “Bunnywith” Costume?

A: Nope, just any kind of BUNNY costume. Be creative. It doesn’t have to be an expensive store-bought costume. I just want to smile. My smile will be the judge

Q: What will the main prize for the contest be?
A: A framed original “Bunnywith” piece from me. I will also be giving away some runner up prizes that I will announce via my TWITTER or INSTAGRAM @alexpardee throughout the week.
Q: What else will be going on at the show? What else will be for sale? Why should I go? I’m tired. I want to eat pizza. Saturday night is the same night that I was going to see Machete Kills. Why should I go to your show?
A: Actually, maybe you shouldn’t. BUT, if you keep up with my Twitter or Instagram @alexpardee , I will be sharing a few more incentives to go, but seriously, there will be so much silly art for sale for cheap that it would be really cool if you came and hung out and chuckled with mature kids and immature adults, even if you just want to stare and wonder why there are no arms on Bunnywith.
See you there!!!
Facebook Event and Art Page (invite your bajillion friends!):

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