Dec 04

The Coup’s video for “Long Island Iced Tea” from Sorry to Bother You.  Directed and animated by Kelly Gallagher.

Boots says:

One night, after a Coup show with Japanther, me, Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly from Japanther all went in the studio with Damion Gallegos. This is the baby we made that night. It’s probably the only song on Sorry To Bother You that’s directly related to my experiences with Occupy Oakland. The lyrics are related to the optimism generated by organizing for the General Strike in Oakland and the nights of drinking that ensued.

Two things that should be known:

1.The title is an inside joke. I would never order a Long Island Iced Tea. I like good Bourbon.
2. We stole the drum pattern from Turf Talk’s ‘It’s A Slumper’.

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