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If It Fits in the Backpack…10 Years on the Road with Mochilla

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The photography and films of B+ and Coleman. @ Peek Gallery at The Summit, 780 Valencia St, San Francisco.  Part of Noise Pop.

exhibition dates:
june 2 – june 30, 2011
opening reception:
thursday, june 2, 2011, 7–11pm
exclusive film screening with Q&A starts 7pm
(films featuring Damian Marley, Nas, Jay Electronica, Quantic, J Dilla)

Special Guest DJs.

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Mar 08

Memory is our Weapon (edit: postponed)

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note from b+:

3.11.11  Special Announcement : “Creating Memory is Our Weapon” Photo Exhibition Postponed.

It is with great sadness that we announce the postponement of the “Creating Memory is our Weapon” Show at the Urban Sanctuary Gallery in Boyle Heights.  It had always been a dream of ours to have the show in Boyle Heights. Ten years ago we had shown the photographs at the great Frank Sosa’s space on Silverlake Blvd and it was a great honor to be able to bring the photos East, but sadly the local political terrain proved too complicated for it to happen at this time.  Two days ago it was brought to our attention that several local “artivists” had started a campaign online to boycott the show.  Apparently there has been some conflict locally with the management of Urban Sanctuary.  We have spent the past 48 hours trying to negotiate a settlement that would allow the show to continue – but in the end with threats looming and an extraordinary amount of anger being expressed we decided to postpone the show until we are able to honor the memory of the Marcha in a more clear environment.  It was never our intention to inflame local anger, to incite a boycott or indeed to put our constituency on any side of a local conflict.

Zappatismo has plenty to do with local conflicts but not in this way.

Please accept our humblest apologies if this in any way affects your plans for tonight.  Let me also take this opportunity to thank Azul 213, Rona Mercado and our own Rocio Contreras for the huge amount of work they put into this show.

We will all reap the rewards of this show in a less contentious space at a later date.

March 11th, 2011


213* & Mochilla are pleased to announce “La Marcha” photo exhibition. This show is the second in a three part series being curated by Azul 213 held at Urban Sanctuary Gallery in Boyle Heights on March 11th, 2011.

The Zapatistas March on Mexico City

On Feb. 25 2001, the leaders of the insurgent Indian people of Chiapas launched a two-week mass march on Mexico City to remobilize and extend mass support for the demands of those sections of the Mexican population who have suffered most from the world capitalist offensive-the indigenous peoples.

Twenty three commandantes and one sub-commandante left the autonomous mountains of South East Mexico to travel to the Federal District of Mexico City with three demands: 1. To seek approval of the Indigenous Bill of Rights. 2. To seek the withdrawal of seven military bases from indigenous land and 3. To seek the release of all remaining EZLN prisoners.

On the eleventh of March they walked onto a platform in the Zocalo (Mexico City’s picturesque town square) to see one million Mexicans cheer them and offer support and solidarity. Having secured the support of the National Indigenous Council, the Zapatistas took the city with delegates from forty four of Mexico’s fifty seven indigenous nations.


Photographs by B+ and COLEMAN

Opening Reception: March 11th, 7pm – 12am
Show Runs: March 11th – April 3rd

Urban Santuary : 2026 E 1st Street, Boyle Hieghts, CA 90033

*RSVP at

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Jan 21

DJ Nu-Mark Take Me With You

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We will have the new Nu-Mark mix in-house shortly, here’s the info for the record release party:

“Take Me With You”

listening party 9pm-10pm | party 10pm-2am


presented by Mochilla

Friday Feb 4th 9pm-2am | 21+

info: |

FREE before 10pm | $10 All Night + CD for the first 50 people | $4 Rum Special

e3rd : 734 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

RSVP on Facebook []

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Oct 01

Sounds of Al-Mashriq: The Land Where the Sun Rises

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(photos by Laith Majali & Nasser Kalaji)

Free new mix from Mochilla (click image for download page)

Message from B+:

This past summer, Coleman and myself, along with Jay Electronica and his DJ, TJ the King, Ommar Offendum, and Will Quantic had the chance to go to the Middle East and play.  We even made it to Egypt and linked with Kutmah there, but that’s a whole other story… This mix represents some of what we learnt. It’s a group effort, but Coleman made the whole thing seem magically coherent…

This is the liner note from the back of the cd:

The Mashriq (Arabic: مشرق, also transcribed as Mashreq, Mashrek) is the Arabic term referring to a large area in the Middle East that is bounded between the Mediterranean Sea and Iran. It is derived from the Arabic consonantal rootMaghreb (مغرب), which simultaneously suggests  “west” or “sunset,” and is a reference to the Arabic-speaking countries of North Africa. sh-r-q (ش ر ق) and essentially means “east” – or more poetically, “place of sunrise.” It is therefore the companion term to

Mochilla has had the opportunity to visit Lebanon and Jordan twice within the past year, as well as Egypt most recently. We were invited by our friends Nasser Kalaji and Laith Majali of Immortal Entertainment to play our music in Beirut and Amman, and to experience for ourselves how life is at this incredible cultural crossroads. To say that we have been astonished, amazed, shocked, gratified and humbled is to put things mildly. We have only begun to scratch the deep surface of this world, and yet so many things have been revealed already.

In honor of these visits and our growing cultural exchange, we are presenting a mix of some of the music that we collected, picked up, swapped and bought along the way. Coleman always delivers when it comes to these mixes and this is no different: from Jay-Z samples to the fidjeri vocal music of Bahraini pearl divers, this is a journey worth taking. Enjoy, open your ears and let the beauty and depth of the cradle of civilization wash away your preconceptions…

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