Mar 07

Gang Starr – Hard to Earn 20th Anniversary

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I remember when this came out… Gang Starr had just come off of Step in the Arena & Daily Operation, so I was thinking that perhaps this wouldn’t measure up.  Well, there was nothing to worry about.  20 years later, still sounds fresh.

The folks at UpNorthTrips and NahRight posted an interview with DJ Premier which goes through the making of the album track by track.    Great interview which details the history  of what was going on as well as some insight into his general production process.  The Vinylcologist also did a special mix using instrumentals from the album with the original samples.

Rest in Peace to Guru, the Gang Starr legacy is strong.

via @upnorthtrips and @nahright

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Nov 01

J-Live Free Download + Tour Dates

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As seen recently, live on the main stage at the A3C Festival, J-Live covers Dwyck in it’s entirety. This studio recording is from the highly anticipated, soon to be released mixtape “The Live Supremacy”. J-Live, in typical three man team S.P.T.A. fashion covers the classic Nice & Smooth Gang Starr collaboration. Complete with omage to the late great Guru. Listen at Soundcloud, or listen and download at Bandcamp

Dwyck (Nice and Smooth & Gang Starr Cover) by J-Live
New Tour Dates:

Nov 6, Albany, NY @ Academy Park
for Occupy Albany

Nov 14, Atlanta, GA @ 529
W/ Underground System Afrobeat

Dec 2, Johannesburgh, South Africa
@ Zula Bar

Dec 3, Capetown, South Africa
@ OST Newtown

Dec 8, Stuttgart, Germany @ Mono Bar

Dec 9, Bremen, Germany @ Lightplanke

Dec 10, Wil, Switzerland @ Gare de Lion

Dec 14, Belrin, Germany @ Cassiopeia

Dec 16, Paris, France @ la Bellevoise

Dec 17, Ljubljana, Slovenia @ Gala Hala

Dec 21, Gothenberg, Sweden
DJ set @ Yaki-Da

Dec 22, Oslo, Norway
DJ set @ Fugazi

Dec 24 Leipzig Germany

more info:

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May 19

DJ Serv1 Guru Tribute Mixtape

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DJ Serv1 just hit us with a link to a Guru tribute mixtape he just completed.  Check it here.

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Apr 20


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Wow, we’re having a really hard time believing the news…GURU has passed away at age 43 (edit: 47, thanks jon) reportedly from cancer.   Taken before his time… really a class act.

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Mar 16

Matt Africa’s Gang Starr-Gots to be the Sureshot

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Matt Africa’s  Gang Starr appreciation…

Click the cover for link.  To read the full track listing and some notes, click here.

There seems to have been a lot of drama surrounding Guru’s hospital stay.  Regardless, we’re hoping Guru is feeling better and on his way to making a full recovery.

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Mar 03

Guru Update

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According to a statement released to, Guru’s surgery went well and he is weak but recovering:

“I am doing fine and I am recovering! I’m weak though,” Guru told in a statement today. “Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false! I appreciate your well wishes and all the love!”

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Feb 28

Concentrating all of our positive thoughts on Guru

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Hip Hop Wired has posted that Guru from Gang Starr has fallen into a coma after suffering cardiac arrest.  He is scheduled to go into surgery tomorrow, we are hoping everything goes well…

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