Apr 26



If we were in L.A., we’d go check out the Hanni El Khatib exhibit at the HVW8 Gallery which is closing on Sunday.  In support of his new album, El Khatib has curated a ‘Family’ of DIY Artists to bring the album art to real life with a series of prints, original works, installations and odds & ends from each ‘Family’ member. From Keith Stone’s drawing that graces the album cover as a patch on Nathan Cabrera’s custom made denim jacket in Idaho on one of the last remaining 1940s chain stitched sewing machines to Nick Walker’s photos of El Khatib’s adventures to Dr. Woo’s hand painted & customized guitar. Music is art and this is a celebration of all the blood, sweat & beers that went into the making of an album.

HVW8 Gallery
661 N Spaulding Ave @ Melrose
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Mar 27

We were sworn to secrecy, but since RSE just announced it, here it is:

Iconic New York-born, San Francisco-based rapper and producer, Aesop Rock, is joining forces with Rhymesayers to release his sixth studio album, Skelethon, on July 10th 2012. Since the release of None Shall Pass in 2007, we’ve seen Aesop Rock touring the world, launching online arts outlet,, and collaborating on LPs with Felt, Hail Mary Mallon, the Uncluded and more. Skelethon not only sees the rapper back waxing poetically on his own but also marks his first wholly self-produced effort. While the sounds are familiar, we see Aesop venturing in some exciting new directions with guest appearances from indie rock archetype, Kimya Dawson, as well as Allyson Baker of Dirty Ghosts, Hanni El Khatib, Nicky Fleming-Yaryan, Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz and the Grimace Federation. Aesop’s new album follows in the wake of several deep personal losses and highlights subject matter that deals with the sometimes-futile ways people try to cope with serious issues. The cover art comes from Barcelona-based painter Aryz. Skelethon is set to be both a showpiece for his illustrious career and a serious payoff for his droves of ever-patient loyal fans.

1. Leisureforce
2. ZZZ Top
3. Cycles To Gehenna
4. Zero Dark Thirty
5. Fryerstarter
6. Ruby ’81
7. Crows 1
8. Crows 2
9. Racing Stripes
10. 1,000 O’Clock
11. Homemade Mummy
12. Grace
13. Saturn Missiles
14. Tetra
15. Gopher Guts

Follow Aesop Rock on Twitter @AesopRockWins

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Mar 14

Sorry to be so post heavy today (it’s either feast or famine with us, huh?)  Was just reminded about what’s sure to be one of the best showcases:

WED MARCH 14TH (10pm) @ THE 512 BAR – 408 E. 6TH STREET

10-10:15pm:  DJ
10:15-10:45pm:  Allah-Las
10:45-11:00pm:  DJ
11:00-11:30pm:  Nick Waterhouse
11:30-11:45pm:  DJ
11:45pm-12:30am:  Hanni El Khatib
12:30-12:45am:  DJ
12:45-1:15am:  Feeding People
1:15-2:00am:  DJ
* FREE Innovative Leisure Sampler.  12 Essentials For 2012:

They’re all also playing separately at a million other showcases.  Here’s Nick Waterhouse’s schedule:
Wed: 5:50pm @ Shangri-La:  Echo/Origami Showcase
Wed: 11:00pm @ The 512 Bar:  Innovative Leisure Showcase

Thu: 1:00pm @ Pure Volume House: Hype Machine/Aquarium Drunkard Showcase
Thu: 10:00pm @ ND / 501 Studios:  Windish Showcase
Fri: 2:20pm @ La Zona Rose: Rolling Stone Showcase
Fri: 5:30pm @ The W Hotel: Nylon Magazine / Dub Frequency Showcase
Fri: 8:30pm @ 1100 Warehouse (1100 E. 5th Street):  Biz 3 Showcase
Sat: 12:15pm @ Mess With Texas

Say hi to Jeffy for us!

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Sep 30

Tonight!! Go say hi to Jeffy for us…

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