Nov 22

Akomplice x Dilla x Joey Bada$$

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Akomplice-Joey_CoverWe posted on our Instagram a while ago, but here are more images from the forthcoming Akomplice x Dilla x Joey Bada$$ collaboration which is launching soon.

Through this collaborative project J Dilla continues to bless the world with the gift of music.  100% of Akomplice’s profits will be donated to provide instruments and music lessons to children, who would otherwise be without.

For this collab, Akomplice blended the talents of J Dilla (via the J Dilla Foundation) with those of the Beast Coast emcee, Joey Bada$$ (who appears in these photos).  Included within the collection is a t-shirt and crew neck that pay homage to the hallowed producer through an angelic cloud-graphic of J Dilla’s face.  Also  included is a 45 record, exclusive to the capsule, which contains an unreleased J Dilla beat dubbed “Two Lips” on Side A and an unreleased Joey Bada$$ track over the aforementioned beat on Side B. Those fortunate enough to obtain “The Set” will be blessed with the J Dilla sublimation shirt, in which the cloud-graphic appears across the entire tee, as well as a newspaper featuring interviews with both Dilla’s mom, “Ms. Yancey” and Joey Bada$$,  done by  Patrick Liberty.  As Joey describes it, “This project has been a dream come true, working with the soul of my favorite producer of all time is an honor.”

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Dec 08

Secret Santa for Dilla’s Daughters

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Please join us in playing Secret Santa for Dilla’s daughters Paige & Ja’Mya.  We’re hoping to buy them some cold weather wear.  Make a donation here.  (thanks in advance…people have always been really great about helping Dilla’s family & children!)

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Feb 08

Dilla Month

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Luckily Stones Throw writes blog posts so I don’t have to…I can tell you that every time I speak to Madukes, she is completely humbled and appreciative that people all around the world work to keep her son’s spirit alive.

Stones Throw joined with the J Dilla Estate to produce this poster of the 2005 photo of Dilla at work, photographed by Raph Rashid.

A clip from the video that turned into the cover of Donuts, with a back-story from the director.

Streaming audio from the definitive J Dilla mixtape by J. Rocc

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Jan 14

Dilla Art Tribute Contest Winner

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Just spoke to Madukes…she once again wants to thank everyone for their positivity and keeping Dilla’s spirit alive.   She’s getting ready to attend a number of events in Dilla’s birthday month (sorry, I’m not sure about all of the venues):

Feb 3rd NYC with Illa J & Slum Village

Feb 6th London

Feb 12th Detroit

Feb 18th Toronto

Feb 25th Cleveland

It also reminded me to post the International J Dilla Tribute Art Contest winner entitled, “J Dilla the SpeciaLIST” done by none other than Joe Buck (damn, that man is talented).  More info on the contest & how to buy the print etc:

Official Contest Site/ Order Prints, Posters and Shirts:

For more information about The J Dilla Foundation go to:

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Dec 10

Secret Santa for Dilla’s Daughters

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We’re playing Secret Santa for Dilla’s two daughters, Paige & Ja’Mya.  We’re helping to get some things on their Christmas list…if you’d like to help out, check this page.

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Feb 04

DJ Haylow – Free Dilla Mix (Beat King of All Time)

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DJ Haylow drops another free mix for your listening pleasure, in the celebration of life and paying respect to the late, great James Yancey (J Dilla)


1. Peanut Buter Wolf Speaks about Dilla (Exclusive D2S Interview)
2. “TURN IT UP!” Intro
3. Trade – Dilla, this one’s for you
4. Black Thought – Love Movin’
5. Slum Village – What’s Love Got to do With It
6. Slum Village – Look of Love
7. Slum Village – The Look of Love
8. Dwele – Keep On
9. Jamiroquai – Black Capricorn Day (Jay Dee Remix)
10. 9 Yards – Find a Way (Jay Dee Remix)
11. A Tribe Called Quest – That Sh*t
12. Steve Spacek – Eve (Remix)
13. Wale Oyejide – Theres A War Going On (feat. Jay Dee)
14. J. Dilla & Guilty Simpon – Baby
15. J. Dilla – Diamonds (Prod. by Notts)
16. Busta Rhymes – Show Me What You Got
17. Phat Kat – My Own Label
18. J. Dilla & Guilty Simpson – Strapped
19. Nottz & J. Dilla – Coke on Plastic (Prod. by Nottz)
20. PPP (Feat. Jay Dee) – Act Like You Know
21. Guilty Simpson – Clap Your Hands
22. Busta Rhymes w/ Mick Boogie – Step Up
23. Slum Village – Fat Cat Song
24. Consequence – Rock-n-Roll
25. Common – The Movement
26. Charisma – My World Premier (J. Dilla Remix)
27. Black Milk & J. Dilla – Stupid (Prod. by B.R. Gunna)
28. Jay Dee – Make ’em NV
29. Jaylib – Plain To See
30. J. Dilla – Do Ya Thang (Prod. by B.R. Gunna)
31. Four Tet w/ J. Dilla & Guilty Simpson – Serious As Your Life (Remix)
32. Common – The Light (the Hook)
33. Common feat. Erykah Badu – The Light (Remix)
34. J. Dilla and Trade – Won’t Do (Remix)
35. Wonway Possibul – I Had a Dream
36. Donut World (Prod. by REL)
37. Madlib speaks on Dilla (Exclusive D2S Interview)

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Aug 20

Dilla Shirts are back

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proceeds to his estate.

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