Apr 04

Stones Throw Office Visit

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We usually communicate with Stones Throw via email or see them at shows…we haven’t had a face to face meeting in years, but we were recently in L.A. to chop it up in person.  PB Wolf was in the studio, but we did see J.Rocc (and I think briefly Krondon?) roll through.

Jason manages the office (amongst other things…)

Kota handles distribution in Japan.

Joe was coordinating new releases & production with their distributors.


Nate, who handles all the digital distribution.  He’s also the proprietor of  Innovative Leisure Records featuring releases from Laser Sword (from SF)  and Mexicans with Guns.

the wall of posters

Celeste, the lone lady, holding it down in the warehouse.

David (along with Nick…not pictured) pulls the bulk of the orders.

Some of Playboy Eddie’s ST pieces on the wall outside the office.

And some of the other pieces have DOOM stencils.

ST HQ also happens to be down the street from the very first Forever 21 (still called “Fashion 21”) .  Not sure that the local residents even realize all of the empire-building taking place in their neighborhood.

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