May 28


Zion-I bless you with a free download featuring remixes of ShadowBoxing  tracks done by 9 Theory, Bassnectar, Butch Clancy, Crush Effect, Julia Lewis, Nima Fadavi, Mike G, Robotic Pirate Monkey and more. Featuring A-1, Vokab Kompany, T-Ran,DUCKWRTH, RGLND, & Know-It-All (click the image)

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Jan 24

The official music video for “ShadowBoxing” is now out! The video was shot in Berkeley, CA at the Special Delivery Warehouse.

The ShadowBoxing Deluxe Edition album is now available on iTunes. The Deluxe Edition contains new unreleased songs and remixes, including rappers Mike G & A-1 on “Gusto”.

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