Jun 09

Alex Pardee Walrus Rider Limited Vinyl Toys Added

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Walrus Rider Vinyl Figure by Alex Pardee, BlackWalrus Rider Vinyl Figure by Alex Pardee, Teal
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To help celebrate the 10-year anniversary of UP, Alex Pardee gave us hi
interpretation of the UP walrus…with it’s own poem:

“Born with legs of a golden tint,
He’d walk, he’d run, he’d jump and sprint. There’s nothing much he COULDN’T do,

With legs of gold and wooden shoes.
The girls all l
ved his limbs and knees,
For no one else had legs like these,
But jealousy arose with some,
Cause’ HE was having all the fun!

So late one night upon his slumber,
Darkness drenched with rain and thunder.

There he slept and dreamt of blondes,
But when he woke HIS LEGS WERE GONE!
Who would do this tragic thing?
What good is a bee if a bee cannot sting?
And what good is HE without legs at all?
Now he cannot move and he’
not that tall!

So he hopped on the back of his bestest friend,

And together they ride as he seeks his REVENGE!”

The walrus rider is approximately 11″ tall and has bendy arms and a removable tusk (which fits into the rider’s hand). This black version is exclusive to UP and will only be available at UP stores and UP online only. … and The Giant Peach!

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