Mar 13

SF Zerofriends Store Opening This Sat

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Saturday, March 16th, from 12 Noon to 7 PM
419 Haight St (Lower Haight, in between Fillmore & Webster)
San Francisco
Featuring live art & crafts to be sold in store periodically throughout the day by Bay Area Zerofriends artists Alex Pardee, Skinner, Dave Correia, Robert Bowen, N8 Van Dyke, Jon Wayshak, Matt136, Chloe Rice and more!
The first 50 people to spend $25 in the new store during the Grand Opening will receive this new “Leprechaun” print by Alex Pardee!

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Aug 01

Aesop Rock x Alex Pardee Print on Sale FRIDAY!

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Message from Alex Pardee/Zerofriends:

Hello everyone everywhere. If you are a fan of amazing music, then you may know that our good friend and longtime collaborator Aesop Rock released his new solo album Skeleton on July 10, and kicked off his US tour July 13.

However, On July 15, hours before his 2nd show of the tour at the Fillmore in SF, someone broke into Aesop’s tour van and stole all vital stage gear, forcing Aesop to cancel the show.  It took thousands of dollars to quickly replace all the audio/visual equipment they needed to be able to continue the tour to avoid cancellation.

In order to help recoup anything we can to compensate for the stolen and replaced equipment while they are on the road, we here at ZEROFRIENDS got together and I designed a limited edition ‘Skelethon’ giclee print to be released THIS FRIDAY AT NOON PACIFIC TIME.

The limited print is an edition of 125 and measures 16″ x 20″. It will be signed by BOTH AESOP AND MYSELF and sold exclusively via ZEROFRIENDS starting Friday Aug 3 at noon pacific time.

Cost is $50 each
All proceeds to Aesop to help him cover his costs. Thank you all for your support.

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Jan 21

900 Bats: Rob Sonic, Aesop, Cage

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Sorry, we’ve been somewhat snoozy about keeping up to date with Aesop et al happenings, here are some recent vids from the the 900bats blog they’ve been doing:

Rob Sonic Answers Important Questions:

Aesop Doing “None Shall Pass” at ZeroFriends (someone recently asked me if he was still rapping…uh, yes)

Cage doing “Blood Boy” at ZeroFriends

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Sep 15

Movie Knights with Alex Pardee

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Now is your chance to watch movies once a week with Alex Pardee.  You can click the image above for more deets, but here is the quick rundown:

The Movie Knights will be held weekly on WEDS nights from 8-11 (unless otherwise noted)
First things first: The ONLY way to get into a MOVIE KNIGHT is to get your hands on ONE of 150 Limited Edition, signed & numbered MOVIE KNIGHTS mini-prints. (featuring the image above, designed by Alex Pardee, water, no sleep, paintbrushes and photoshop). This print is both THE ONLY WAY TO GET IN, as well as a prestigious collectible fun certificate that basically says you love having fun at night with nerds.

Every Monday at NOON, 20 of these prints will go on sale ONLY AT THE ZEROFRIENDS SAN FRAN RETAIL STORE (Located at 248 Fillmore St in the Lower Haight District) for $10 each. That’s it. Simple. For ten bucks, you get a signed limited print and a guestlist spot for that week’s Wednesday night movie shindig.

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