Feb 13

New video from The Uncluded (Aesop Rock x Kimya Dawson)

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Mar 11

Respect to the people of Japan who have endured so much devastation and trauma in the last year.  Please consider purchasing something from our Japan Benefit section, as we would like to make continued donations to Second Harvest Japan.  You can donate directly here.

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Apr 01

Sorry to post these all at once (and this one with out a graphic).  Trying to get this out before the weekend…

Link to event tickets.

More details.

Umamimart presents THE GIFT OF FOOD, a massive fundraising party to benefit earthquake relief efforts in northern Japan.

Tommy Guerrero
Gadget (Function 8)
TophOne (RedWine DJs)
DJ Orb
Gabuちゃん (Amoeba Records)

Yamazaki Whisky
Joto Sake
The Glenrothes Whisky
Brugal Rum
GlenGrant Scotch
Bulleit Bourbon + Rye

Peko Peko Japanese Catering
Sandbox Bakery

Check our official site often for tix, details and updates:

If you would like to support the event, please email:


All proceeds go to Second Harvest Japan, the country’s first food bank. In the wake of the quake and tsunami, Second Harvest Japan has been driving two-ton truckloads of food, water and vital necessities into northern Japan every day. They are our heroes, and from the streets of San Francisco, let’s give them THE GIFT OF FOOD.

Come support! See you on the 5th!

Kayoko + Yoko
Team Umamimart


Big THANK YOU to our generous donors: Yamazaki Whisky, Judy Hayama, Devin Farrell, Kazuko Hayama & Lakshman Srinivasan, Glenrothes, Brugal Rum, Matt Kawamura.

Much love for THE GIFT OF FOOD organizing committee: Neyah White, Matthew Meidinger + Kevin Deidrich (The Burritt Room), Louesa Roebuck (FLORA), Sylvan Mishima Brackett (Peko Peko), Mai Sasaki, Isaac Bess, Norma Listman.

Special thanks to our performers Tommy Guerrero and Toph One.

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Mar 11

Adapt has designed a shirt where 100% of the proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross’ Japanese disaster relief efforts.  You can find both the white & black colorways here.

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Mar 11

Hoping all of our friends & customers in Japan are okay after the earthquake & tsunami…our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Jan 13

A year after the massive earthquake in Haiti, many of the people affected are still without shelter or the help they need.  We donated our portion of proceeds from fund raising shirts to Doctors without Borders (Obey’s portion of sales went to Artists for Peace & Justice).  Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is holding an online event tonight called A Year in Action to answer questions about their medical programs in Haiti.

Hear first-hand testimonies from some of MSF’s medical aid workers, and ask them your questions about the reality on the ground after the devastating earthquake, during the autumn flooding, and now during the current cholera outbreak.

Panel Event Featuring:

Sophie Delaunay, Executive Director of MSF-USA
Dr. Greg Elder,
Medical Deputy Desk Manager for Haiti
Michelle Mays,
MSF Nurse with two assignments in Haiti in 2010
Jason Cone,
Director of Communication for MSF-USA

Thursday, January 13, 2011 from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM (ET)

Click the image above or register here to take part in the online discussion.

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